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Cloud computing pioneers

For almost 20 years, the company’s founders Christian Hahn and Jürgen Schüssler have formed a highly motivated team of developers and consultants.

Active in cloud computing since 1998

From the very beginning, Wice GmbH has focused on web-based e-business solutions. Software that is used exclusively via a web browser is characterized by low operating costs and immediate availability. As pioneers of CRM in Germany, Wice GmbH has relied on this Internet-based technology. Over the years, only the terms have changed: It used to be called “Application Service Providing (ASP)”, later “On Demand”, then “Software as a Service (SaaS)” and today the marketing experts in the IT industry talk about “Cloud Computing”.

There will probably be other terms in the future; as we know, there are no limits to creativity. One thing is clear, however: The approach of using software via the Internet in a web browser has proven to be the right one and has increasingly pushed traditional client software into the background.

Wice as a local partner

Software „Made in Germany“

We have always been a reliable partner for our customers. Because terms or not, at the end of the day we stand for a term that has been around for much longer: “Made in Germany”. For us, this means first and foremost that the content must be right, not the packaging.

Wice in the Media

Press and media center

Für die Presse und Besucher anderer Medien betreuen wir ein eigenes Wice Presse- und Medienzentrum. Hier finden Sie aktuelle Pressemitteilungen, nützliche Hintergrundinformationen und interessante Case Studies zum CRM Anbieter Wice.

Wice Partners

Strong together

Wice partners are generalists or specialists. They support you in integrating Wice into your company. If you are looking for a CRM provider for your project or want to become a Wice partner yourself, then find out more.

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