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A CRM system that benefits the entire company

Wice CRM benefits the entire company.

A CRM system that meets the requirements

Finding Customers

Marketing campaigns with newsletter or serial letter, you always reach the right target group. With Wice CRM you will be more successful in marketing.
→ Be more successful in marketing with Wice CRM.

Gaining Customers

From the sales opportunity to the quotation to the invoice. Wice CRM makes your sales more profitable.
→ More profitable in sales with Wice CRM.

Retain customers

Optimal service processes ensure greater customer satisfaction. With Wice CRM, your service & support becomes more effective.
→ Be more effective in service and support with Wice CRM.
The Offer Wice

Free entry, fair prices

Wice CRM impresses in the on demand service (Software as a Service) and in the in-house variant (on Premise) with a simple and transparent price model:

The Solution WICE

Feature overview of Wice CRM

In marketing, sales, or service and support, you need the right tools to achieve your company’s growth goals. Wice CRM offers you everything that helps in customer acquisition and service.


With Wice CRM you get new momentum in your marketing campaigns.

Creation of target groups

Whether acquiring new customers or cross-selling to existing customers, the more precisely the target group can be addressed, the greater the chance of marketing success. Wice CRM’s simple but effective category management ensures that each customer is their own target group and receives advertising tailored exactly to them.

Email campaigns

Create mailing lists at the push of a button, to which you can send e-mail newsletters, serial letters or, in cooperation with our partner fax.de, faxes and letters in the iLetter service (for germany only) from your individually designed templates.

Post processing of campaigns

Have you ever thought about how many leads you lost this year due to lack of follow-up? Because in addition to addressing the target group precisely, the success of your marketing campaign depends on consistent further processing of the addressees. With Wice CRM, you simply select employees for follow-up so that they can then acquire new leads in the follow-up. Your employees will become even more effective with a workflow that is tailored to the sales process.


From the sales opportunity to the offer to the invoice


Plan your next steps or create to-dos for your colleagues and you always keep full control over your activities.

Contact history

Tickets in Wice CRM build a complete contact history over time. This way you always have all the info at your fingertips.


Aligning your own sales process with your customers’ buying process requires good sales opportunity management and processing.


Keep track of the orders you have already received and compare opportunities and sales.


At the touch of a button, you can create a quote from an opportunity in Wice CRM. This allows customer contact staff to respond much more quickly to customer inquiries.


Without duplicate data entry, Wice CRM offers integrated order processing with invoice generation

Sales process

The sales process via the transactions (tickets) is the cornerstone of the way of working in Wice CRM and the core of a more modern sales methodology. Transaction management via Wice tickets is the way our customers achieve goals.


The workflow manager integrated into Wice CRM helps you create consistent work processes and will make you more productive when completing recurring tasks at the touch of a button.

Customer Care

Higher customer satisfaction through better service

Service tickets

Wice CRM’s process management serves you as a ticket system for all customer service & support requests. Processes become more transparent, can be evaluated and controlled across departmental boundaries. Each ticket gets a status and so everyone can see the processing status at a glance.

Contact history

When each service request is documented for the first time, the whole picture becomes clearer. The process management as ticket system of Wice CRM offers an ideal tool for this purpose.

Service center

With the Wice Customer Center, you extend Wice CRM with a customer self-service platform. This allows your customers to manage their address data via the web, submit support and sales requests, and follow up on the status of their request via the ticket tracker and interact directly with Wice CRM in their approved cases.

Sales Management

With Wice CRM, you can optimize your sales and better track your sales opportunities.

Sales forecast

The sales forecast shows all sales opportunities at a glance. In this way, compare planned and actual sales and see your employees’ chances of success.

Opportunities and orders

Anyone can manage opportunities! Unlike many other CRM systems, Wice CRM allows you to process a complete order easily and directly.

Sales reporting

Creating sales evaluations and reports is a tedious task in many companies. With Wice CRM, you can finally accomplish this task at the touch of a button. Your employees will thank you


CRM with invoice generation through integrated order processing


At the touch of a button, you can create a quote from an opportunity in Wice CRM. This allows customer contact staff to respond much more quickly to customer inquiries.


Create invoices directly from Wice CRM and send them to your customers. If desired, also completely automatic.

Open positions

Keep track of your open items. Either individually per customer or over the entire accounting.

Payments received

Keep track of your incoming payments. Either individually per customer or over the entire accounting.

Automated invoices

Save yourself work and let Wice CRM send your invoices to customers automatically.

Subscription management

Do you have recurring revenue and manage customer contracts? Then Wice CRM’s subscription management is ideal for you!

Serial invoices

Building on the subscription management, Wice CRM creates the invoices at each interval and, if you wish, Wice CRM also handles the shipping.

Datev export

With the invoice journal plugin you can export the invoice data or transfer it directly to Datev.


Wice CRM combines all forms of communication, because customer management is a team sport!

Address management

Wice CRM’s central address database brings your contact management up to speed. The address islands are dissolved, all addresses are immediately accessible for all employees and controllable by the rights management.


Keep track of appointments and dates with the shareable appointment calendar.

Exchange of informations

There are vast amounts of customer data in every company. Starting with address data, through communication in the form of letters, faxes and, above all, countless e-mails. Turning these amounts of available customer data from various channels into useful results for successful contact management is the foremost task of Wice CRM


Plan your own activities and create to-dos for your colleagues.

Sending e-mail

Send emails directly from Wice CRM and save incoming emails to customer tickets.
The Method Wice

Free CRM start and support with advice & action

CRM entry is very easy with us: the first user for the Wice CRM system is free of charge, additional users can be activated at any time.

Start for free, set up the CRM system and then invite colleagues to join.

Step by step help to get started

We help you get started with CRM. The Wice team is at your side with advice and support during the implementation.

The start is free

Use Wice CRM risk-free & free of charge! Each additional user costs 40 euros per month with a monthly notice period or 30 euros per month with an annual term.

Free CRM Check-Up

Together we will discuss your questions and requirements during a short online tour of Wice CRM.