The Wice Effect

A CRM system that benefits the whole company.

The Wice Effect

Build sustainable relationships with customers

The modern customer is an emancipated being who, with the possibilities of obtaining information via the internet and social networks, sits at the longer end of the stick anyway. Therefore, the development of new concepts and instruments is needed to expand customer orientation. One of these concepts is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Whether in sales, marketing or service, everyone in the company recognises the value of a customer and acts in their daily business to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. CRM systems are used to support this. They enable a holistic view of the customer and thus help you to build sustainable relationships with your customers.

For the management

Set goals and achieve turnover


Wice CRM supports you in setting goals and in implementing your business objectives.
Our CRM solution will help you create sales forecasts based on sales opportunities and plan them with confidence. Through clearly defined sales and support processes, your company will engage customers more intensively and use resources effectively.

With everything, Wice CRM pays for itself quickly from the moment it is introduced, in any size and for any task.

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CRM in Sales. Marketing and Customer Care

Winning and retaining customers in a planned manner

CRM in Sales

Wice CRM helps you to control and plan sales activities. You get a grip on sales processes. Marketing and customer service also benefit: during campaigns, trade fairs, events and for customer enquiries, all leads are automatically processed correctly by the right person.

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The CRM of a different kind

The CRM that adapts to your needs


You don’t adapt to your CRM, your CRM adapts to you. Because Wice CRM is modular and individually configurable. With the AddOns or PlugIns you get extensions for special tasks. And because we are so convinced of our offer, with the free starter licence you get the first user from us for free without any obligation. For a start, you are well equipped with this. Getting to know Wice CRM has never been easier.

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