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The concept Wice

WICE is the CRM system that is at home everywhere

Where there is Internet, there is Wice – mobile and everywhere available CRM system from Germany

Wice CRM System mobile on every deviceWith the Internet, it’s not just data that has become more mobile. The business world has also become more global and therefore the requirements for employee mobility are completely different than before. Anyone who chooses a CRM system today that is not available on a mobile basis is blocking opportunities.

Wice CRM is mobile by design. You can access your entire CRM system anytime and anywhere via an Internet connection. On the PC or notebook, all you need is a web browser and you’re in business. Particularly interesting for field staff: mobile access is also guaranteed with smartphone or a tablet PC (iOS, Android). Anyone with access authorization can quickly and conveniently use their device to access addresses and appointments directly, for example. Phone numbers can be dialed directly from the address list. For the iPhone, the Wice app with smart functions is available for free in the Apple AppStore.

Wice CRM on Demand – Take care of your customers, we take care of your CRM system

wice crm system on demand from germanyWe provide our CRM solution as a cloud service and take care of the security and operation of the entire CRM system. For starters, there is Wice Freemium, the free version for one user. Simply and cost-effectively, Wice CRM on Demand can be completely scaled and supplemented as software as a service – from the cloud. For special tasks, it is possible to move to a separate installation – with its own server – at any time.

CRM-Software Made and hosted in Germany

And it’s secure: The Wice CRM system is hosted exclusively in German data centers according to the highest security standards. Only German data protection laws (GDPR) apply. Wice CRM software is regularly audited and also specially certified in terms of security. As a neutral body, SaaS-EcoSystem e.V. checks the information provided by providers according to various criteria.

Learn more about secure CRM on the web and in the cloud in our security concept.

→ Secure CRM from the cloud

Full control over your own CRM system – Wice CRM Inhouse

If the tasks are more specialized or extensive, it may be worthwhile to install Wice CRM on premise – our in-house variant. The CRM system is run on a Linux server and has no special hardware requirements. The Wice server is operated under your own management. The important thing is: you have full control over the entire system.

→ More information about Wice CRM in in-house operation
→ CRM on Demand or CRM Inhouse

The Solution WICE

Wice CRM covers your needs

In marketing, sales, or service and support, you need the right tools to achieve your company’s growth goals. Wice CRM offers you everything that helps in customer acquisition and service. You do not need to download or install any software.

A CRM system that meets the requirements

Finding Customers

Marketing campaigns with newsletter or serial letter, you always reach the right target group. With Wice CRM you will be more successful in marketing.
→ Be more successful in marketing with Wice CRM.

Gaining Customers

From the sales opportunity to the quotation to the invoice. Wice CRM makes your sales more profitable.
→ More profitable in sales with Wice CRM.

Retain customers

Optimal service processes ensure greater customer satisfaction. With Wice CRM, your service & support becomes more effective.
→ Be more effective in service and support with Wice CRM.
The Offer Wice

Free entry, fair prices

Wice CRM impresses in the on demand service (Software as a Service) and in the in-house variant (on Premise) with a simple and transparent price model:

The Diversity WICE

Individual requirements? Make your own CRM system

Customize your CRM systemWice CRM scales easily and smoothly, starting with one user, upwards only limited by technical capacity. Extensions for special tasks can be realized with add-ons or plug-ins. Individual adaptations can be developed very easily and cost-effectively.

Standard plugins for a wide range of tasks

Whether mail integration in Outlook and Thunderbird or integration of your telephone system up to Voice over IP telephony with Placetel and Sipgate. With the right extensions, Wice CRM can become even more helpful.

Individual customizations for CRM made to measure

Every company is different and every customer has their own requirements. Unlike many other CRM systems, Wice CRM can be easily and cost-effectively adapted to individual requirements via the plug-in interface. The plug-ins make use of the Wice framework and can therefore be programmed with minimal development effort. The system remains fully updateable and upgradeable, since the core of the software is not changed.

For more information about the CRM application that does it all, see the list of AddOns.

→ AddOns and extensions for Wice CRM

The Method Wice

Free CRM start and support with advice & action

CRM entry is very easy with us: the first user for the Wice CRM system is free of charge without any time limitation, additional users can be activated at any time.

Start with the first user for free, set up the CRM system and then invite colleagues to join.

Step by step help to get started

We help you get started with CRM. The Wice team is at your side with advice and support during the implementation.

The first user is permanently free of charge

Use Wice CRM risk-free & free of charge! Each additional user costs 40 euros per month with a monthly notice period or 30 euros per month with an annual term.

Free CRM Check-Up

Together we will discuss your questions and requirements during a short online tour of Wice CRM.

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