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If your customers are your most valuable asset, Wice CRM software is your best investment.

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The Wice Effect

CRM software that benefits the entire company

CRM-Software for Marketing

Find Customers

→ Be more successful in marketing with Wice CRM.

CRM-Software for Sales

Win customers

→ More profitable in sales with Wice CRM.

CRM-Software for Service & Support

Retaining customers.

→ Be more effective in Service & Support with Wice CRM.

“Since we started using Wice CRM at our company, the processes have become much more transparent.”

Helga Frommholz

CEO, Felten GmbH

“Thanks to Wice CRM, we are now able to respond much faster to the needs of the customer.”

Ralf Stetter

CEO, A+B Solutions

“In sales and service with our customers, Wice CRM gives us an overview of all activities.”

Dirk Schildhauer

CEO, Wattbike Ltd.

Over 1,000 customers rely on the Wice CRM system. An excerpt from our customer list:

Customer of the Wice CRM-Software
Wice CRM Software

New interface, more mobility, higher productivity

Get to know the new Wice CRM software

A completely redesigned user interface makes it easier to get started with the CRM system, increases productivity in daily work thanks to its low complexity, and above all offers a device-independent user experience thanks to its complete responsiveness. You can get to know the new Wice CRM in person. As a new customer, simply register a free account to Wice CRM. As an existing customer, simply make an appointment for a personal online tour of the system.

Get to know the new Wice CRM

The System Wice

Wice CRM covers your requirements

Manage your customer contacts and plan the next steps in sales.

Wice CRM’s contact management provides clarity on tasks, establishes transparency on sales activities and gives you full control over processes and data.

The benefits of Wice CRM in sales

  • The leads are processed faster and better
  • The sales department increases the closing rate
  • Employees are more satisfied

Generate targeted mailing lists for your marketing and increase your opportunities.

Send mailings to customers and prospects with greater accuracy and less dispersion. In this way, you will save your valuable resources.

The benefits of Wice CRM in marketing

  • More precise targeting leads to more leads
  • Sales pipeline becomes fuller
  • More sales with less effort

Write quotes and invoices at the touch of a button and evaluate your successes.

The Sales Forecast provides clarity on sales and targets. Quotations and invoices are quickly written and subscription management automates recurring sales. Your account will be grateful!

The benefits of Wice CRM in accounting

  • Bureaucracy in quotation and accounting is reduced
  • Invoices are issued and paid more quickly. This increases the cash flow
  • Greater planning reliability thanks to faster evaluations

Increase customer satisfaction through better service

With the customer portal, you integrate your customers directly into the service processes. Service and support requests are handled faster and better with Wice CRM.

The benefits of Wice CRM in service and support

  • Higher customer satisfaction through faster and more professional processing of service cases
  • Increased referral rates leads to more sales
  • Productivity increase of the service staff

Wice CRM Matchmaking

Is Wice CRM software the right fit for you?

The introduction of CRM systems is a strategic task. Wice CRM combines a comprehensible method with a clear product philosophy and already offers you exactly the functionality you need to fulfill your tasks in the standard version.

With our CRM matchmaking, you can find out in a short time whether Wice CRM is the right fit for your company.

Wice is CRM from Germany

Wice is CRM from Germany

Data privacy places high demands on CRM

When selecting a CRM, you should check whether the provider guarantees sufficient data protection in accordance with the GDPR. This applies in particular if you wish to transfer personal data to third countries. This is because the EU considers very few countries to be so-called “safe third countries”.

The EU considers the U.S. a “non-safe third country”

The USA, which is extremely relevant for the cloud market, is considered a “non-secure third country” by the EU for the time being. If you want to avoid this legal uncertainty, you should definitely look for a cloud provider from the EU.

Wice CRM is secure CRM from Germany

For more than 20 years, WICE GmbH has been operating the CRM software On Demand and relies on the highest security standards. The cloud CRM systems are hosted exclusively in Germany and are subject to German data protection. The Wice CRM solution is the alternative from Germany for your Salesforce.

CRM Software from the Cloud

CRM On Demand from the Cloud

With Wice CRM Software as a Service, you can start acquiring, nurturing and retaining profitable customers quickly and efficiently right away with no initial investment.

We provide our CRM solution as a cloud service and take care of the security and operation of the entire CRM system. Our cloud computing service with the free entry via the free starter license (freemium) impresses with a simple and transparent pricing model.

CRM Software on Premise

CRM On Premise / Inhouse

In addition, you can also run the Wice CRM software in-house on your own server (On Premise). Wice CRM offers the same comprehensive range of functions in the in-house model as it does as CRM on demand. As a result, you have your customer database for your contact management as a private cloud. The CRM system is run on a Linux server and has no special hardware requirements. The server of the Wice CRM system is operated in-house. The important thing is: you have full control over the entire system.

The Method Wice

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We help you get started with CRM. The Wice team is at your side with advice and support during implementation.

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