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Wice in Schwetz certification: Certified with top marks!

“Wice masters all facets of contact and appointment management and is convincing in sales management. Wice also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of campaign management.” This is Wolfgang Schwetz’s overall assessment.

Top score 48 out of 50 points

According to Schwetz, the aim of the certification is quality assurance of the practical suitability of CRM software solutions. In addition to functional performance, Schwetz is also concerned with the user-friendliness of the systems in the evaluation. Wice received 48 points out of a possible 50. With the third such audit since 2007 and with excellent results in a row, Wice proves once again that it is on the right track. According to Schwetz, “WICE is probably the only German manufacturer of a CRM system that has ten years of practical experience with cloud-based CRM solutions.”

The functions leave nothing to be desired

The low maintenance and administration effort as well as the simple user guidance and the excellently solved process management with process folders and ticket system were praised. The graphically depicted relationship structures at addresses and in the visit report stood out positively. The coordination and synchronisation of different calendar formats in addition to Outlook, besides WICE’s own calendar format, increase flexibility. In the case of the forecast, the WICE SalesRanking function was convincing with any options for selections and analyses at article, regional and time level. WICE also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of campaign management.

CRM Certification SchwetzTasks solved convincingly

Schwetz sums up: “WICE GmbH solved the tasks set convincingly on the basis of the Wice CRM software and also scored above average in the evaluation. In addition to the modern open source technology, the additional functions from merchandise management with order processing and the possibility of using the software both in service (on demand) and in in-house operation are to be emphasised in the purely web-based CRM solution.”

You can find out more about certification by CRM expert Schwetz and the qualification process in the CRM Certification Report from Wice CRM (German).

More than 350 good reasons speak for Wice

More than 350 small and medium-sized enterprises currently manage with Wice CRM. One or two companies also discovered the advantages of web-based CRM from the cloud for themselves. And more and more industries are becoming enthusiastic about the benefits of a CRM solution on demand.