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Cloud computing is a matter of trust. WICE GmbH therefore relies on the highest security standards. Every day, thousands of users have been using our service for over ten years. The systems are hosted exclusively in Germany in high-performance data centres and are subject to German data protection regulations.

Backing up the data on the Wice server

WICEDataCentreSecuring our Wice servers is an absolute priority for us. Securing servers is a complex and ever-changing task. We constantly keep the security up to date with the latest technology and the current state of knowledge. All content is backed up daily. Upon request, our customers optionally receive a hard copy of their data at any time. The servers are operated in high-performance data centres with multiple redundant connections and direct Tier 1 connections, which are under the supervision of German data protection authorities. All employees are contractually obliged to maintain the confidentiality of internal data vis-à-vis third parties. Access data is logged.

No local storage of data on the workstation computer

WiceCRMNotebookThe Wice CRM software is a purely web-based software that is operated exclusively via the web browser. No browser plug-ins or add-ons are required that may store data on the user’s computer. The session ID is stored in the browser as a cookie, which, however, is not sufficient for authentication alone, as in many other systems, but contains further control data (see section 3).

Files are only stored on the user’s workstation during operation if the user clicks on a document download link in the CRM system (e.g. stored PDF or Word document). Except for intentionally downloaded documents, therefore, no traces of the work session remain on the computer. After logout, all links that the browser may have stored in the history are invalid and only lead to the login page. For further security, the session is automatically terminated after a certain period of inactivity.

Encrypted data transfer to WICE server

SSL encryptionAfter the login, the session for the user is created on the Wice server. With each subsequent access (mouse click), the session ID and the IP address are compared with those of the login. The session ID is on the one hand stored on the server and on the other hand included in every link in Wice CRM. Hijacking a session to another computer (other IP address) is therefore not possible.

In addition, a further session ID stored as a browser cookie is compared with each access, which prevents the session from being hijacked under the same IP address. This could happen, for example, if the user is working with a dial-up connection whose IP address changes. Due to the security mechanism, the new owner of the old IP address cannot continue the session even if the session ID is known.

The data traffic between browser and server is encrypted by default via HTTPS (SSL). The Wice-On-Demand servers all have a signed SSL certificate with 128- or 256-bit encryption. In the case of in-house installation, the customer can use his own certificate (self-signed) or optionally any other certificate signed by an official CA (Certificate Authority). We are happy to install an officially signed SSL certificate for the hostname or domain for our customers – incl. Creation, signing and installation on the Wice server.

In addition, access to Wice CRM can be further restricted. If necessary, access via HTTP (unencrypted) can be prevented in the Wice configuration. For individual users, access to certain client IP address ranges can be restricted so that, for example, a certain user can only log into the CRM system via VPN or a certain provider or only in the company network.

Made and hosted in Germany

We have been offering Wice CRM since 2001. As a German software house, security and data protection is a high priority for us. Wice CRM is CRM on Demand “made and hosted in Germany”. Our systems are hosted exclusively in Germany in high-performance data centres under the strictest security regulations and are subject to German data protection provisions. Thousands of users rely on our service every day.

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