Sales management and order processing included

From opportunity to invoice

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Optimize your sales with Wice CRM!

Everything that makes your sales successful – in one application.

You gain new customers easily and effectively

Companies that want to grow must constantly acquire new customers. Successful customer acquisition and retention measures build on CRM. Planning and controlling sales activities are the prerequisites for successful customer acquisition. CRM systems support you in your customer offensive.



You get a better overview of your customers

Only if you know your customers are you able to develop opportunities for new business. The basis for this is address management.

Turning the volumes of available customer data from various channels into useful results is the foremost task of Wice CRM. You can then categorize your addresses according to the characteristics that are important to you and thus select target groups for your sales campaigns.


You improve collaboration and you increase transparency

Think about how more productive and informed you would be if you organized and archived all customer touch points as an activity in a “customer activity folder.” You and everyone else on your team would finally know what has been done or needs to be done here. With Wice CRM you free customer data from distributed “silos”.


You evaluate sales campaigns and become even more successful

Compare planned and actual sales in Wice CRM’s Forecast and see your employees’ chances of success.

No more creating tedious reports with Excel. With Wice CRM’s Chart & Report Manager, you can finally accomplish this task at the touch of a button.


You create offers and invoices at the push of a button

At the touch of a button, you can create a quote from an opportunity. This allows customer contact staff to respond much more quickly to customer inquiries.

When an inquiry turns into a serious case, Wice CRM lets you create a complete order simply with invoice management of open items and incoming payments.


Your employees become more productive and know more about the needs of customers

Process-oriented work according to the WICE method will increase the productivity of your entire company and help employees in their daily work.

With the integrated workflow generator you standardize and optimize your processes, e.g. you can create a quotation from a sales opportunity at the push of a button. This allows customer contact staff to respond much more quickly to customer inquiries.


You benefit from personal consulting and support with advice and action

We will show you how to create templates for offers and invoices, prepare your addresses for address import and set up the system so that you can quickly get off to a successful start.

Get started now with the free starter license

It has never been so easy and hassle-free to get into customer management with CRM software. Free and completely risk-free with Wice Freemium. With Wice CRM, you can start acquiring, nurturing, and retaining profitable customers right away, with no initial investment.

Finding Customers

Marketing campaigns with newsletter or serial letter, you always reach the right target group. With Wice CRM you will be more successful in marketing.

→ Be more successful in marketing with Wice CRM.

Gaining Customers

From the sales opportunity to the quotation to the invoice. Wice CRM makes your sales more profitable.

→ More profitable in sales with Wice CRM.

Retain customers

Optimal service processes ensure greater customer satisfaction. With Wice CRM, your service & support becomes more effective.

→ Be more effective in service and support with Wice CRM.