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Optimal service processes for greater customer satisfaction

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mprove your customer service with Wice CRM!

Everything that makes your service & support more successful
– in one application

You increase customer satisfaction through better service and support

Service and support are important factors in customer retention. Because you can have the best products, the best marketing or the best customer approach, but if your company is not able to deliver the service your customers expect, you have a problem. Customer Relationship Management improves your prerequisites for higher customer retention.





You make the processes more transparent by processing customer requests in the ticket system

To increase customer satisfaction, you need extensive knowledge of your customers’ needs and problems.

When every service request is documented, the whole picture becomes clearer. Processes become more transparent, can be evaluated and controlled across departmental boundaries.


You accelerate your support with the helpdesk automat and workflows

Speed in responding to service requests is now as important as the quality of the response in our fast-paced times.

Wice CRM’s process management offers an ideal tool for this purpose. It serves you as a ticket system for all customer service & support requests.

Automate customer support with the helpdesk machine. Allows you to set up autoresponders and automatically turn emails into tasks. With the Workflow Manager, routine tasks are handled automatically.


You integrate your customers into the service processes and save costs in the process

Ask yourself how much time your team spends on customer service activities and how much it costs.

With the WICE Customer Information Center (CIC) you extend Wice CRM with a customer self-service platform. Let your customers manage address data, submit support and sales requests, access an FAQ section, and follow up on the status of their request and interact in cases via the ticket tracker.


You increase your sales through better service

The entire company benefits from good customer service. A customer you care about comes back, the product he bought does not. Customer Care with Wice CRM helps you improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Service in particular often offers great sales potential. Our customers have demonstrated success with best practice projects.


To improve your customer service, we help you get started and provide support in word and deed

We will show you how to set up service workflows and use Wice CRM’s transaction management efficiently for your customer requests.

Get started now with the free starter license

It has never been so easy and hassle-free to get into customer management with CRM software. Free and completely risk-free with Wice Freemium. With Wice CRM, you can start acquiring, nurturing, and retaining profitable customers right away, with no initial investment.

Finding Customers

Marketing campaigns with newsletter or serial letter, you always reach the right target group. With Wice CRM you will be more successful in marketing.

→ Be more successful in marketing with Wice CRM.

Gaining Customers

From the sales opportunity to the quotation to the invoice. Wice CRM makes your sales more profitable.

→ More profitable in sales with Wice CRM.

Retain customers

Optimal service processes ensure greater customer satisfaction. With Wice CRM, your service & support becomes more effective.

→ Be more effective in service and support with Wice CRM.