With the latest version of Wice CRM, we present our customers with a major all-round renewal of our proven CRM software. A new user interface, new functions such as subscription management or the built-in support center offer new possibilities. At the same time, we have made the system much leaner, so that it is easier to get started and to perform daily work.

New interface for more mobility and productivity

A completely redesigned user interface makes it easier to get started with the CRM system, increases productivity in daily work thanks to its low complexity, and above all offers a device-independent user experience thanks to its complete responsiveness. Whether on the desktop, tablet or smartphone – Wice CRM is always fully adapted to the respective end device.

Better customer care through integrated support center

Wice CRM offers an integrated support center with the new version. This allows you to give your customers access to specific support or sales tickets, allowing them to interact directly with the customer via the browser. This allows you to offer your customers exclusive customer support and thus increase customer loyalty.

New subscription management for billing recurring revenues

With the new subscription management, Wice CRM is the ideal tool for billing recurring revenues. Do you want to charge subscriptions for content or licenses for SaaS business models? Then you can do this directly from the CRM software from now on.

Better clarity in tickets and processes

Wice CRM’s transaction management has always been one of its core components. With the new version, the processes are now uniformly called “tickets” and can be adapted to the specific usage scenarios through use case-specific status designations. You can use it to better represent and control sales and support processes.

New charts and evaluations for success control

On the dashboard and in the sales area, the new Wice CRM provides you with numerous new displays for monitoring success. Graphical widgets can be integrated on the dashboard and new tabular and graphical analyses are available in the sales area. With the Charts plugin, you can also create additional graphical evaluations.

New functions and features and yet a streamlined interface

Numerous new functions and features, yet a sleeker interface designed to make it easier to get started and use? We are convinced that this is possible. In many discussions with our customers, we have removed little-used functions and thus simplified the masks. Some features we have also completely outsourced to plugins. We continue to talk with our customers and look forward to further feedback on any missing features or new ideas.

Get to know the new Wice CRM in person

You can get to know the new Wice CRM in person. As a new customer, simply register a free account to Wice CRM. As an existing customer, simply make an appointment for a personal online tour of the system. We will be happy to advise you individually.

Get started now with the free starter license

It has never been so easy and hassle-free to get into customer management with CRM software. Free and completely risk-free with Wice Freemium. With Wice CRM, you can start acquiring, nurturing, and retaining profitable customers right away, with no initial investment.