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Companies that want to grow must constantly acquire new customers. Targeted marketing campaigns are needed to enable sales to reach new customers. The sales department can then convert the leads gained from these campaigns into new customers via an optimal sales process.

Wice CRM strengthens the cooperation of marketing and sales

In many companies, sales and marketing work side by side. In traditionally positioned companies, the marketing department tries to make the company and its products look good. The sales people are the real “relationship artists” in these companies. They are in direct contact and try to build a relationship with the customer through clever questions and good presentations. There is often little exchange between sales and marketing. In extreme cases, marketing enjoys great campaigns and sales is annoyed by poorly qualified leads.

Ask yourself:

– whether marketing and sales are really pulling in the same direction in your company

– whether you are really able to address the desired target groups at the push of a button

Target group-specific marketing at the touch of a button

The Wice category management
CRM ensures that each customer is their own target group and receives advertising tailored exactly to them. Address mailing lists can be created at the touch of a button. From the CRM system, serial letters or newsletters are sent to the target group by e-mail and then assigned to the sales people for follow-up.

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For service managers

Success in service with CRM

As long as it is only a question of “hard” criteria such as price, quality or punctual delivery, it may be true that customers are quick to express their dissatisfaction. But customer satisfaction – and thus customer loyalty – does not depend on these three factors alone. In the end, a multitude of other aspects besides price and quality determine whether a customer remains loyal to the company or not.

Learn how to get more success in customer service with CRM.