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Success in Sales

The traditional sales process is hard to manage and hardly scalable. Most companies still have not defined a proper sales process. Therefore, many sales managers find it difficult to effectively manage sales activities and measure success. This often leads to the set turnover targets being missed.

With Wice CRM you bring order into your sales process

If the sales process is not clearly defined, it often happens that leads acquired are not processed and followed up promptly. The first 24 hours in particular are usually crucial to solidifying a first impression with the prospect and arousing further curiosity about your product or service.

The workflow manager integrated in WICE CRM supports you in creating unfied work processes. Once defined, the individual steps of a workflow can be called up by the employee in the process. In sales, the automation of the process can increase productivity and at the same time increase the penetrating power.

Ask yourself:

How much time on average elapses between the assignment of a lead to a salesperson and their first follow-up action

How many leads you lost this year due to lack of follow-up

Wice CRM helps to measure success

Performance measurement is an important part of assessing the success of a team or an entire company. With the Chart & Report Manager of Wice CRM, evaluations can be generated as graphics and additionally used in reports generated directly from Wice CRM.

Start with Wice CRM!

Curios? Get started with Wice CRM and let us show you how to define or optimise a sales process with Wice CRM and how to track every lead and opportunity a sales person is working on and measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of your sales activities.

For marketing managers

Marketing success with CRM

Unternehmen, die wachsen wollen, müssen ständig neue Kunden gewinnen. Targeted marketing campaigns are needed to enable sales to reach new customers. The sales department can then convert the leads gained from these campaigns into new customers via an optimal sales process.

Learn how you can have more success in marketing with CRM.