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Companies that want to withstand the change from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market and want to survive in the market in the future must completely reposition themselves. For a long time, supply or product orientation was at the forefront of business management thinking and action. However, the decisive factor is not what the company can do, but what the customer really needs. Customers don’t buy products, they buy a benefit. The old product orientation is a thing of the past; the future belongs to customer orientation.

CRM means expanding customer orientation

The modern customer is an emancipated being who, with the possibilities of obtaining information via the internet and social networks, sits at the longer end of the stick anyway. Therefore, the development of new concepts and instruments is needed to expand customer orientation. One of these concepts is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). As a result, everyone in the company recognises the value of a customer and acts in their daily business in such a way that maximum customer satisfaction is achieved. CRM systems are used to support this. They provide a holistic view of the customer.

Only the customer brings growth

Too many managers focus their entrepreneurial decisions on the expenditure side, i.e. on reducing costs as much as possible. But growth cannot come from this orientation. Because if you don’t manage to bring in more than you spend, you can’t survive on the market. Without customers, there is no growth. That’s why the CRM motto is: don’t save in the wrong place! Only those who put their customers at the centre can increase their revenues and thus grow.

e > a – Revenue must be greater than expenditure

Saving does not bring growth. Revenues must be greater than expenses, income must be greater than expenses. This is the basic condition of economics, or in a short mathematical formula: e > a. It is completely incomprehensible why many companies to this day only focus on the “a”, on the expenditure or cost side.

CRM has to lead

Without customers, there is no revenue. If companies really want to grow, a rethink must take place everywhere: Away from cost accounting, towards the market. Towards the customer. However, such a customer offensive needs the right tools. In IT, this way of thinking is determined by the ERP systems. But they only direct the entrepreneurial gaze inwards – to the resources – and not outwards – to the customers, to the markets. The internal view of ERP systems does not help here. That is why we are convinced: CRM has to lead!

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