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Wice CRM on Demand from the cloud or Wice on Premise in-house.

Wice CRM stands for a CRM on Demand that is developed with pure web technology. This has two decisive advantages: Firstly, you need nothing more than a common web browser to work with Wice. On the other hand, your Wice CRM on Demand is accessible anywhere and at any time via the Internet.

Wice, CRM from the Cloud

We provide our CRM solution as a cloud service and take care of the security and operation of the entire CRM system. For starters, there is Wice Freemium, the free version for one user. Simply and cost-effectively, Wice CRM on Demand can be completely scaled and supplemented as software as a service – from the cloud. For special tasks, it is possible to move to a separate installation – with its own server – at any time.

Outsourcing systems and data to the cloud offers many advantages: greater flexibility, more performance, the systems scale better, low investment costs and lower operating costs. Customers who want to go down this path with us are given an ideal prerequisite with our On Demand offer.

Wice CRM offers the same extensive range of functions in the on-demand model as in in-house operation.

Our CRM on Demand Service (Software as a Service) impresses with a simple and transparent pricing model:

  • Annual cancellation period: 30 EUR per month per user
  • monthly cancellation period: 40 EUR per month per user

With our free starter licence for the first user, you can start right away without costs and risk.

Your questions about data security are clarified in the

→ Security concept for Wice CRM in the cloud

Wice, CRM in our own house.

If the tasks are more specialised or extensive, it may be worthwhile to install your own Wice CRM on premise – our in-house variant. The CRM system is run on a Linux server and has no special hardware requirements. The Wice server is operated under your own management. The important thing is: you have full control over the entire system.

Wice CRM offers the same extensive range of functions in in-house operation as in on-demand operation. You can also start with our CRM On Demand offer first and switch to the in-house variant later. We will be happy to advise you on prices and hardware requirements.

Wice CRM does not make any special demands on the server’s hardware. Standard PC technology is quite sufficient. Installed on a Linux server or another Unix system such as Mac OS X. You can also install Wice CRM in a virtual machine on a Microsoft Windows system. All other modules required for operation are open source and freely available, such as MySQL, Apache, etc.

Even if you do not operate your own data centre, the system can be hosted in an external data centre. If you do not have sufficient IT know-how or free resources, we also offer system maintenance.
You can obtain information about data security in the

→ Security concept for Wice CRM Inhouse

From station to station to effective customer management

It has never been so easy and hassle-free to get into customer management with CRM software. Free and completely risk-free with Wice Freemium. With Wice CRM, you can start acquiring, nurturing, and retaining profitable customers right away, with no initial investment.