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Interfaces, plugins and extensions – a calculation that works.

Wice CRM modules and extensionsWith Wice CRM you solve the tasks of everyday work. Because Wice is a universally equipped CRM system. With the right extensions, it can become a lot more helpful.

Wice CRM is an open system and therefore perfectly suited for individual customizations. Interfaces to other systems can also be implemented without any problems. To ensure optimal expandability and maintenance of the system even after individual modifications, a plug-in architecture was developed for Wice. Plugins make use of the WICE framework and can therefore be programmed with minimal development effort.

The system remains fully updateable and upgradeable, since the core of the software is not changed. Here are some examples of our CRM modules and extensions for the CRM system.



Mail-Integration in Outlook, Exchange und Thunderbird

Filing e-mails from Outlook and Thunderbird directly in Wice CRM as an address note or transaction action is easily possible with the Wice Outlook Connector or Wice Thunderbird Connector at the push of a button. Create more transparency about customer communication and permanently document important e-mails in the CRM.

→ Learn more about Outlook and Exchange integration in Wice CRM.

Wice Computer Telephone Integration

Initiate phone calls at the touch of a button and be notified of the caller via pop-up when a call comes in. This is possible with the Wice CTI plugins for the cloud PBXs from Placetel and Sipgate. No local servers are required for Sipgate and Placetel. These are complete telephone systems from the cloud, which are administered via the web browser. Calls can thus be made directly from the CRM system without expensive investments in hardware telephone systems.

→ Learn more about CRM CTI phone integration in Wice CRM

Wice CleverReach Integration

Whether for new customer acquisition, lead nurturing or customer retention. Without email marketing, CRM is almost impossible.

Wice CRM offers emailing directly from the system. With the integration of CleverReach in Wice CRM, you can also use CleverReach’s extensive email marketing features directly from Wice CRM.

→ Learn more about CRM CleverReach integration in Wice CRM


Wice Contact, the contact form connection

With this plugin it is possible to transfer address data with transaction creation directly into the CRM system via HTML contact forms on any website. This way, no request will be lost anymore. You can create as many contact forms as you want and, of course, assign them to different categories in Addresses / Operations and to the responsible employees.

Wice fax.de, letters and faxes in CRM

The fax.de plugin is an interface to the fax.de web service. This allows you to fax documents very conveniently directly from WICE without additional hardware or a fax interface or send them directly as letters including enveloping, franking. SMS functionality is also provided via this. The service of requires an account at fax.de and is subject to a fee.

GoogleMaps, the map link

A map view of addresses is already integrated in the standard version of Wice CRM. With the plugin Google Maps there is another map view. This is used to display the addresses from Wice CRM in a descriptive map. For example, you can get an overview of the locations of your customers or partners.

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